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Defend provides a synergistic combination of fat-soluble vitamins featuring 200mcg of a double micro-encapsulated bioactive all-trans K2 VITAL ® MK-7, 125mcg (5,000 IU) of vitamin D3, along with efficacious amounts of vitamin A, and vitamin E along with AstraGin ®(astragus membranceus and panax notogingseng) to promote maximum nutrient absorption and delivery in the body. This exclusive formula is designed to support the balance of fat-soluble vitamins in the body and optimize calcium transport. Help defend your bones, heart, and immune health with Defend.


K2VITAL® contains >99% of the bioactive form of vitamin K2 – known as all-trans isomers. The menaquinones found in nature exist in an all-trans configuration, meaning they have an extended system of isoprenoid units and are consequently linear. This allows the molecule to bind to the correct enzymes to activate the benefits of vitamin K2 MK-7. So, if you’re dealing with all-trans, you’re dealing with all-bioactive. Bioactive, nature-identical vitamin K2 MK-7 molecule – also known as K2VITAL®. There’s also the inactive form of the molecule, known as cis isomers. Their shape differs substantially from that of the all-trans form. Because of this, cis isomers may not fit where they are supposed to, leaving K2-dependent proteins inactivated. 


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