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Investment into the Multi-Omic Health Biomarkers:

Supplements have always been a staple of better medicine. Understanding the body’s needs and using the right nutritional products at the correct time can make major impacts in the health of every individual. However, at DNA Health, we believe that this process can be even better.

Technology into individualized and personalized medicine is advancing due to improvements in the data we are collecting and analyzing from multi-omic platforms. Multi-omics data combined together can contain a better picture of the entire body rather than just fragmented pieces.

At DNA health, we prioritize this analysis to make the best decisions about what to include in our products, how to dose them, and how to use them in order to maximize their impact.

Out of the entire multione, we prioritize investigations into epigenetic methylation and metabolomics.

What is Epigenetics and DNA Methylation?

Epi - is a greek prefix for “above”. Genetics is the study of our DNA. Together, epigenetics means the study of things above and beyond the sequence of base pair nucleotides which make up the genome.

Every single cell in our body has the same DNA. However, our skin cells are very different from the cells found in our heart or our eyes. These cells are able to have such drastically different functions due to epigenetic changes which help turn genes on and off, and therefore make drastic changes to the form and function of those cells. Our DNA has epigenetic mechanisms to control what parts of our DNA are expressed. One of the most prevalent and the most promising methods discovered so far is DNA Methylation.

DNA Methylation acts to silence expression of a gene. In the process of DNA Methylation, a molecule called a Methyl group attaches to your DNA at very specific locations. Since many of these locations directly control gene expression, scientists can look at patterns of DNA Methylation to discover how much someone’s body is turning on or off certain genes.

DNA Methylation can be more useful than genetics alone because it allows us to see the current status of a gene, rather than if we just have it. Traditional genetics is like looking at a string of lightbulbs. Genetics can show what color the bulbs are, and in what order - basically, what each gene is for, and whether you have it. However, you can’t tell with genetics if your ‘bulbs’ are on or off. Methylation analysis lets us plug in the whole string to see how bright each bulb is - or if that gene is even expressing at all.

By looking at these values, we can understand a person’s DNA activity and make recommendations for better supplementation. 

What is metabolomics?

Metabolomics, which is defined as the comprehensive analysis of metabolites in a biological specimen, is an emerging technology that holds promise to inform the practice of precision medicine.

Historically, small numbers of metabolites have been used to diagnose complex metabolic diseases as well as monogenic disorders such as inborn errors of metabolism. Now though, metabolomic technologies go well beyond the scope of standard clinical chemistry techniques and are capable of precise analyses of hundreds to thousands of metabolites.

This allows us to read and interpret the current state of a cell and how it is interacting with nutrients and processes. Knowing this can tell us which processes are happening too often and which aren’t optimized enough. Knowing this can help us titrate the proper ingredients on an individual level to make sure that outcomes are as precise as possible.

What does that mean for DNA Health products?

Because we prioritize the best science for our products, it allows us to make the best interpretations and recommendations. We don’t look at a product’s mechanism of action, bioavailability, or dosing considerations alone before we roll out a product.

We prioritize the best data from a multi-omic picture to make the best supplements formulations and recommendations for the best patient outcomes.

When you buy a product from us, you can be more aware of the effects this product is having on the whole picture of the individual rather than just trying to optimize a single pathway or mechanism. 

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