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Cardio Prime+

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Vascular health and aging are the most important health care problem in the world today. Healthy aging requires healthy arteries and a healthy heart. CardioPrime+ is a state-of-the-art supplement blend which uses the most novel ingredients available to help optimize cardiovascular health. As one of the most important systems in your body, we have designed this combination to be synergistic to the many different areas of cardiovascular health while demonstrating cardioprotective effects.

First, we have designed ingredient combinations to help with some of the physical
components of heart health such as blood pressure and blood viscosity.  For this we have included NSK-SD® (Nattokinase) as an ingredient to help reduce inflammation, reduce the potential for clots, and to lower blood pressure backed by more than 30 published studies over 25 years of research. 
This natural ingredient purified from non-GMO soybeans has shown to reduce systolic blood pressure by 13.55 points in just 4 weeks. In vitro experiments and human studies suggest that nattokinase may improve blood flow, decrease blood viscosity, reduce the stickiness of red blood cells and inhibit platelet aggregation. 

We have also included NAD3, a new and novel ingredient which uses a different
approach to manage cardiovascular factors.  While you may be familiar with NAD+
supplements for longevity. This product has been designed to also help modulate
inflammation and reduce lipids in our blood associated with heart disease. Compared to placebo, at a dose of only 312mg daily, NAD3 lead to significant changes in multiple cardiovascular risk factors (-19%VLDL, -16%LDL, -12%Tot Chol) with a safe, well-tolerated dietary supplement that also demonstrated multiple side-benefits related to healthy aging and cellular longevity. We also included Citrus Bergamot, a aromatic fruit from southern Italy. Bergamot has been found to reduce cholesterol (29.27%), triglycerides (46.12%), and LDL (51.72%) and an increase in HDL (27.61%) versus controls. Together, the combination provides a validated high strength reduction of cholesterol biomarkers.  

In addition to this, we have added a newer version of curcumin called
tetrahydrocurcumin (4-HC). While you may be familiar with the cardiovascular benefits of curcumin, this is a version which is more bioavailable and as result yields better reductions in inflammation which can damage the cardiovascular system, studies show that 4-HC yields a significant reduction in serum and liver cholesterol, triglycerides, and free fatty acids while supporting healthy levels of inflammation. It also reduces VLDL and LDL cholesterol levels and is more active than curcumin for antihyperlipidemic effects.

Lastly, CardioPrime+ also includes Vasodrive-AP®.  Derived from milk casein, this product consists of two lactotripeptides -- Valine-Proline-Proline (VPP) and Isoleucine-Proline-Proline (IPP). These two peptides have substantial effects on improving vascularendothelial dysfunction and vasodilatation. It can help lower blood pressure but also has other benefits as it decreases muscle soreness and improves blood flow all over the body. 

This combination of natural ingredients provides the best protection for one of the largest causes of death in the world by reducing lipids, improving cardiovascular mechanics by lowering blood pressure and lowering systemic inflammation.

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